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Unschedule Life & Schedule Me Time

We schedule everything out in life but rarely ever schedule time to just think, pray, meditate or relax. We are not in a race against time, we are in a race against ourselves. When life gets extremely busy, and sometimes it feels like that is all the time, find time to unwind and relax. It’s usually never on our list of priorities but it needs to be. Finding ways to fit relaxation into our schedule is extremely important and can help keep your physical and mental health in check. Taking time for your self can seem a little selfish but it’s self care, and if it seems selfish to anyone else then who cares. Here a few tips and tricks to schedule in a little me time:

  • Record how you spend your time so you can figure out where you can make room in your schedule for you.
  • We cannot do everything ourselves and we shouldn’t try to, hand someone else a task or three so you can free up your time.
  • Don’t ever feel guilty about saying the word NO. Say yes to priorities and NO to drama, extra tasks and projects.
  • Take a few minutes out of your day to practice your breathing, mediating, and/or prayer.
  • Detox from your electronics, its not healthy to stare at any screen all day anyway.
  • Nap time is so underrated. That is all - take a nap.
  • This is important - pray or mediate first thing in the morning before you start checking emails, texts, notifications, etc. Your mind has time to transition from being sleep to waking up and it helps bring forth a positive day.
  • Sing, pray, mediate in the shower. Long showers are therapeutic but make sure its lukewarm, hot showers are not good for the skin.
  • Create systems that will schedule and complete tasks for you such a posting on social media, paying a bill, recurring orders, etc.
  • Schedule time on your to do list to do anything you want or need specifically for you! When you get in the habit of scheduling yourself some personal time you will eventually get use to it and make it a habit.

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