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I am a mother of a 2 month old who has eczema. I've tried aveeno which was okay for a few hrs. I then went to cetaphil's body wash along with the lotion and it dried my daughters skin out completely and caused her eczema to flare up. I even as far as applying the lotion twice a day to still get the same results. Then bam, I tried Sanai's Skin lemon & eucalyptus body butter by accident lol I actually thought it was the shea body butter because I read the ingredients but the first time I used it on her I saw a major difference. I actually wish I would've took pictures. Thank you, Sanai's Skin!

  - Jasmine W.

I just ordered a mini haul from you guys and I wanna thank you guys so much! I've dealt with severe eczema my whole life and I've had to take a lot of meds with other medical conditions I have and everything has badly affected my skin. I've been using the unscented soap, goji berry scrub, and mango body butter and my skin has been amazing. No breakouts, no flare ups, no rashes, nada. So thank you for existing!!

- Sanatana

Face Scrub!!! I love it! My face was exfoliated after just one use. It was soft and did not feel dry.

The Body cream for my baby girl I placed a small amount on her leg and it gave major coverage on just one leg. She did great with it. I actually think it's a little more oily than the cetaphil moisturizing cream, which is great for her and keeping her skin hydrated. We love your body cream! She has had only one flare up since we starting using! Thank you so much!

- Jess