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10 Reasons to use Moisturizing Butters on Melanin skin

Our mission is to help you feel UNAPOLOGETIC IN YOUR SKIN. Here are 10 reasons why your beautiful melanin skin should be nourished and healed with our Moisturizing Butters

    1. It’s all-natural, unrefined, vegan ingredients: Your skin is the biggest organ on your body and it should be cared for with clean all-natural products. The skin absorbs everything that you put on it. When you use products that are not all-natural your skin will react to it and most definitely show it. Want healthier, softer, younger skin? Choose our clean, all-natural, unrefined, vegan products.
    2. Sensitive Skin: Sensitive skin? No problem. Our non-comedogenic Moisturizing Butters do not clog your pores and they are not irritating to the skin, even sensitive skin.  Most important we have two fragrance free Moisturizing Butters, Unscented and Shea Cocoa (Shea Cocoa does have Tea Tree Oil in it), as well as two essential oil Moisturizing Butters, Shea Mango and Lemon & Eucalyptus.
    3. Dry skin: Many factors can contribute to dry skin. Dry skin can be ashy, cracked, and/or irritating and just using lotion doesn’t always get the job done. For a long lasting moisturizer grab one of our Moisturizing Butters for a long term skin healing nourishment.
    4. Weather changes: Weather changes will always impact our skin. Our Moisturizing Butters repair the damages UV Rays causes to your skin and helps as a shield against it. Cold weather brings dry skin and eczema to the surface as it robs your skin of its natural moisture leaving it dry and rough. All of our Moisturizing Butter will replace the hydration, moisture, and nourishment your skin is missing.
    5. Stretch marks: Stretch marks is normal and you should not be ashamed. Stretch marks can occur from rapid weight gain or loss, genetics, pregnancy, or other factors. Using our Moisturizing Butters, especially our Shea Cocoa Moisturizing Butter, will soften the appearance of stretch marks because of its deep moisturizing qualities.
    6. Dark Marks & Hyperpigmentation: Blemishes and scare are normal especially after cuts, bruises, injuries, etc. Using our Moisturizing Butter can improve the appearance of dark marks and hyperpigmentation significantly.
    7. Look younger: Life is crazy and unpredictable. Cutting out bad food, drinking water, and exercising helps but if you want to age more gracefully our vitamin packed Moisturizing Butters is what you need.
    8. Overall Healing: When you take care of your body, your body takes care of you. Making sure you are using all-natural ingredients in your skin/body care routine can help heal any skin issues that maybe affecting you, along with a health diet. 
    9. Soft, smooth skin: Soft smooth skin is something we all desire to have. Building a body care routine with the right products helps achieve this goal through repetition. Using our all-natural, unrefined, vegan Moisturizing Butters everyday twice a day is guaranteed to have your skin feeling soft, smooth, and luxurious.
    10. Sanai’s Skin was created by a Black Woman so that all Black & Brown Women can feel beautiful, confident, and unapologetic in their skin.

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